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Wake Pelagear


The Pelagear is the ultimate soft plastic “twitchbait”. It features a cut away head, ribbed belly to add stretch and a forked tail to entice hungry fish. The Pelagear can be rigged weightless “as-is”, or weighted by removing the “tear-away” head.


Pelagear resembles baitfish such as Smelt, Herring, Vendace or Bleak - those shiny, typically silver-plated parts of the food chain.


• Cut open belly ribs for a more elastic action.
• Cut the head off behind gill line for ball-head hook.

• You can rig a normal ballhead, and if the presentation feels unnatural with a whole lure, you can cut the head of the bait off, and the ball or fishhead hook
• Sits better.


Bigger size is a perfect tool for Pike anglers in spots where is plenty of seaweed. Rig Pelagear 8" with #8-12 offset hook and you can also fish deep among seaweed.


Length Weight PCS/Package
15cm – 6"
13g – 1/2 oz
20cm - 8”
28g – 1 oz

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