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Wake Jigwobbler


Designed with a weighted head, this lure wobbles as it falls. You can work this lure with a straight retrieve or with a stop and go motion. Either method makes this lure irresistible.


This innovative hybrid lure has a unique swimming action which is the result of the combination of a jig head and a freely moving wobbler body.  The Jigwobbler shows its vibrant swimming action also while sinking. Predators often strike during stops, so the Jigwobbler triggers strikes very effectively. Depending on the retrieving speed and style, the Jigwobbler can be used at any desirable depth.


5 cm -model fits best in shallower waters and small streams.

6.5cm -model works nicely for Zander and bigger Perch.

8 cm long, 29g Jigwobbler is Pike anglers basic tool in deeper spots.


The JigWobbler can be retrieved many ways with good result.

Retrieve the JigWobbler aggressively near the surface, making a pause now and then: Pike in warmer waters can't resist this. Very good also for bigger Zander.


15 cm JigWobbler brings a new dimension in Pike angling. No longer can Pike hide in deep spots. Try also for big Zander.

Model Length Weight Recommended depth
5 cm Fast Sinking 5cm - 2'' 8 g - 1/4 oz 1-4m / 3-13 ft
6.5 cm Fast Sinking 6.5 cm - 2 1/2'' 18 g - 2/3 oz 1.5-8 m / 5 - 26 ft
8cm Fast Sinking 8 cm - 3 1/ 8'' 29 g - 1 oz 1.5-12 m / 5 - 40 ft
15cm Fast Sinking 15cm - 6'' 93g - 3 1/2'' 3-30 m / 9 - 90 ft

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