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About The American Tackle Company

With nearly four decades servicing the tackle industry, Team American Tackle is still leading the way with innovations and improvements that every angler will appreciate. Being avid anglers and rod builders ourselves, we take pride in offering the ultimate in diversity, durability – and above all – performance.

From our award winning rod components to award winning angler products, we remain dedicated to providing the very best quality and service to all anglers and the industry brands we so proudly serve.

Join our AT community through our American Tackle ProStaff program comprised of dedicated men and women from around the world who are passionate about fishing, product development and field testing. It gives an opportunity to participate in the greater Fishing Tackle Industry and provides access to quality product at lower prices.

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Innovation of the Year

2013/14 EFTTEX

Best Fishing Accessory

2013 ICAST

Best Fishing Accessory

2014 China Fish

Best Fishing Line

2015 China Fish

Best Terminal Tackle

2016 China Fish

Best Accessory

2017 China Fish

Best Terminal Tackle

2017 China Fish

Best Fishing Accessory

2018 China Fish


Austin Todd
Dedicated ProStaff
Phone: +1 (407) 706-0321
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Alex Funke
Phone: +1 (407) 706-0321
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Don Morse
ProStaff Builder Program
Phone: +1 (407) 706-0321
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European ProStaff
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China Office

Gerald Cong
China Branch

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