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Wake Jive


A multi-species wobbler with a great side-to-side flashing swimming action. Works even in very shallow creeks and rivers. 5 grams (1/8 oz.) and 5 cm (2''). 



A multi-species fast swimming wobbler. Well suited for trolling and casting close to shore or shallow waters. Excellent size for Zander, Walleye, large Trout, Salmon and a nice summer treat for Pike. 12 grams (1/2 oz.) and 9.5 cm (4'').



A sturdy wobbler for salt water and great lakes. Lifelike side-to-side flashing swimming action attracts Pike in shallow waters or Zander and Walleye in deeper waters when trolling with added weights. 20 grams (3/4 oz.) and 12.5 cm (5'').

Model Length Weight Swimming depth
Jive 5cm 5cm - 2'' 5g - 1/8 oz 0.5m - 2 ft
Jive 12.5cm 12.5cm - 5'' 20g - 3/4 oz 1.0m - 3 ft

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